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Anchor Buoy & Retrieval Ring Vinyl Boat Bouy Balls Round Boat Mooring Buoys

FLOATS ANCHORS UP TO 60 LBS: Our anchor float buoy will help retrieve anchors up to 60 lbs by floating rather than by hand. Simply attach the ring to your anchor rope and the anchor bouy pulls the anchor rope through the ring to pick up the anchor.
DURABLE BRIGHT VINYL BOAT BUOY: This 15-inch anchor float buoy is made to resist sea and fresh water floating for many seasons with a high visibility neon orange color. The ring and carabiner clip are made of stainless steel and won’t corrode.
FULL INCLUSIVE SET: Our set comes with an inflatable round 15” buoy. The set also includes an 18” line, stainless steel carabiner clip and anchor recovery ring. The set also includes a pump, pump needle tip, and a special valve key.
PERFECT FOR ANCHORING & DOCKING: This inflatable buoy eliminates the need for you to manually haul up your anchor. You can also use the buoy balls from the anchor lift set as a boat dock fender, mooring buoy or marker bouys
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