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Goture American Saltwater Fishing Cast Net

4′ Radius – 1/4” Half Mesh Size; Mesh Thickness 0.2mm; 32′ long floating braided poly hand line, secured with a commercial-grade 2” anodized swivel.
Handmade. Copolymer monofilament mesh. 1/4’’ mesh accommodates most bait species.
Make capturing live bait easy and fun. Provides significant savings in bait cost. Feels softer, throws easier, and lies flatter.
Capture bait in deeper water or current. Taped border with 3/4 lb. of weight per radius foot. Provides quick sink and a tight bottom seal to prevent bait escape. Strong, secure closure on retrieval.
Includes throwing aid belt and illustrated instructions.Kindly Note: Nets of 3/8 Inch Mesh Size are also available, please search ‘Goture Cast Net’