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Khroom Inflatable Snorkel Vest Adult

With a weight of 400 grams and a size of 11x8x1 inch (without air), the portable swim vest is the ideal holiday luggage. It provides support in dangerous situations such as a current.
WARNING: This is a supportive buoyancy vest. Not suitable for non-swimmers and children. Use at your own risk. Design for 60″-75″ / 90 lbs – 240 lbs.
You can use the mouthpiece to inflate the swimming jacket and let the air out in a controlled manner. Optionally, the snorkel vests for adults can be attached to the thighs with the enclosed straps. This prevents the vest from riding up.
Don’t just use the snorkeling vest for snorkeling. Ideal for jet skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing.
Khroom Sport is a German company. Complete your purchase with suitable snorkeling products such as fins and snorkeling masks.
PROPER USE: The snorkel vest is not certified as a life jacket or life preserver and is designed for leisure surface snorkeling and other low impact water sports.